The Importance Of Being Believed When Living With Chronic Pain


Our patient and public involvement and engagement team lead, Antony Chuter, has lived with chronic pain for over 30 years. He recently spoke to the Alleviate research team about his experiences. Watch the third of six episodes from the series ‘Antony Chuter- Living with Pain and What is PPI?'

Antony, who has a number of other health conditions, chose to become a patient partner. He works with the Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) team because of the difference it can make to health outcomes.

In this episode Antony offers an insight to the importance of being believed when living with chronic pain.

“And he believed me. Wow! That was fantastic.”

importance of being believed – antony chuter

Alleviate is working with HDR UK to create an online, safe, platform as a key resource for the national pain research communities. Creating this hub will enable researchers to tackle the challenges in understanding the complexity and unpredictability of pain. It will also reveal new and improved treatments across diverse chronic and debilitating pain conditions.

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