Alleviate forms part of an exciting, larger £24M initiative to try to address the problem of chronic pain: The Advanced Pain Discovery Platform (APDP). The APDP is co-funded by MRC, Versus Arthritis and Eli Lilly, and involves people living with chronic pain from the outset. The APDP Data Hub is transforming UK pain datasets to be Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR).

Guided by leading experts in pain research, APDP research projects, industry partners and people with lived experience of chronic pain, Alleviate will:

  • Curate data around chronic pain research
  • Provide a key resource for pain researchers across the UK
  • Make chronic pain data FAIR for researchers across the UK in a safe way
  • Support linkage of these pain datasets to healthcare data

The APDP hub (Alleviate) platform is shown in blue. Alleviate will create a library of chronic pain data (green) by providing access to data from projects within the APDP (red) and other datasets across the UK. Working with Health Data Research UK (HDR UK), researchers will be able to search for and identify data that is in the database (pink). Alleviate will create processes to allow safe & anonymous access to this data, empowering researchers to use data to answer important questions in pain research (yellow).

For more information on APDP, please visit here. To become a member of APDP please visit apdp.sixcircles.

Alleviate is led from the Health Informatics Centre (HIC) and School of Medicine, at University of Dundee along with collaborators from Digital Research Service (DRS) at University of Nottingham, University of Oxford, University of Bath, King’s College London and Imperial College London. For more information, meet the team here.