Alleviate is part of the Health Data Research UK (HDR UK) Hub program which are informing the development of health data research in the UK, and globally, and is demonstrating how insights from data are improving people’s lives.

Discover Alleviate Data on the HDR UK Gateway 

The HDR UK Innovation Gateway (the ‘Gateway’) search engine or ‘portal’ provides a common entry point for researchers and innovators to discover and request access to health datasets, tools and resources for vital research, helping to enable discoveries that improve people’s lives.

How the Gateway works

The Gateway portal helps researchers and innovators find health datasets that exist in the UK, as well as associated health data resources such as tools, research projects and publications. The Gateway does not hold or store any datasets or patient or health data but rather acts as a portal to allow the discovery of datasets for researchers and innovators to request access to. To request access to health datasets via the Gateway, account users must sign in and then follow the access request process.

Researchers can also can ‘drill down’ further using filters or “Collections” which group resources around specific research themes and topics.

The Cohort Discovery helps researchers to efficiently search and find data in a fast, secure, de-identified and ethical way that can be used to improve patient care. By using Trusted Research Environments or Save Havens, data is accessed and analysed in a secure location, without the need to move the data around.