Advanced Pain Discovery Platform (APDP) Conference 2023


Alleviate Pain Data Hub attended the 1st Annual Conference in Nottingham on Monday, 26th June where the APDP consortia came together with a shared purpose: to collaboratively accelerate progress in all areas of pain research.

The event was a day filled with vibrant engagement, featuring elevator pitches, poster presentations and workshops where members of the pain research community shared their knowledge, insights and expertise.

Alleviate presented an impactful poster titled ‘Making Pain Data FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) Through Standardisation.’ The poster emphasised the criticality of standardisation in facilitating advancements in pain research. It effectively highlighted the challenges with accessing Research Pain Datasets including data silos, poor visibility of metadata and inconsistent data governance processes. The poster showcased how these obstacles can be overcome by using semi-automated data standardiasation methodology using OMOP CDM (Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership Common Data Model). By employing this approach, pain data can be made FAIR, enabling researchers to navigate data querying securly via the HDR Cohort Discovery tool without directly accessing the source data. The implementation of data standardisation promises to empower researchers in discovering existing pain datasets that can effectively address their research questions.

Dr Chris Cole, (Academic co-chair), Karen Mooney (PPI co-chair) and Erum Masood (Facilitator)  hosted a workshop ‘Research with Large Datasets.’ This workshop drew a substantial audience of researchers, lay people and clinicians. In collaboration with Creative Connect, the attendees’ collective thoughts and conversations were artistically transcribed into a fantastic visual representation which vividly captured the essence of the discussions surrounding the following questions:

  1. What Pain Research can be enabled with large database?
  2. How can current data sets be best used to identify gaps in the data?
  3. Is the right data being collected?

This exceptionally successful event facilitated networking and enhanced collaboration opportunities within pain research and Alleviate is already looking forward to next year’s conference!

The Alleviate Pain Data Hub is a £2M collaborative project funded by a consortium of funders including Versus Arthritis and the UK Medical Research Council. The project is led by the University of Dundee and involves partners from across the UK. Alleviate is one of nine HDR UK Health Data Research Hubs.  

More information is available on the Alleviate Pain Data Hub  website, and  twitter, or subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates or join our community.  

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